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The Venerable As-Sahla Mosque Location

About (10 km) distance from the sacred city of An-Najaf Al-Shraf the Mosque of As-Sahla is located. It is one of oldest, greatest and most honored mosques after the Great Mosque of Al-Kufa .

About two km is the distance between the two mosques. Only 2 km long is the distance between As-Sahla and Al-Kufa
mosques .

The area of the mosque is about (17500 meter squares).

The location of the mosque in the North West side of Al-Kufa Mosque makes it connected with all of the great cities of Al-Kufa, Karbla, An-Najaf.

Near As-Sahla Mosque there is an old trench, called Kary Sa’ada;

The mosque is rectangular with (140 m) length and (125 m) width.

It is surrounded with high wall, the wall is supported with half-circular towers and each tower is (7 m).

In the middle of the eastern side there is the minaret and beside it there is the main entrance for the mosque.

This minaret was built in 1967.T

Another entrance is leading to the Mosque from the northern side of the wall.

The square of the mosque is surrounded by a rounded hall with a long portico.